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You can easily turn baby wipes into sanitizing wipes!

You can easily turn baby wipes into sanitizing wipes!
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Baby wipes have so many other uses that simply be used to wipe baby's bum-bum! One of the many uses is turning them into sanitizing wipes! These can still be very hard to find in certain cities. Baby wipes have the advantage to be already packed so they are easy to use and carry around if needed.

You will only need 1 cup of rubbing alcohol (at least 70%) and a funnel to transform them into sanitizing wipes! 

Take the funnel and pour the rubbing alcohol inside the packaging! Close the cap and make sure to saturated all the wipes by flipping the packaging over.

Don't forget to label the package using a black marker so you don't use it on baby! The wipes will have an alcohol smell, so you should recognize them anyway. You can take one package in your car of your bag so you have antibacterial wipes on-the-go! 

Watch the video below to see how other ways to use baby wipes!

Were you able to purchase wet antibacterial wipes? We hope this hack will help you! 

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Youtube - Do It On A Dime

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