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You can get rid of mosquitoes easily with coffee grounds.

You can get rid of mosquitoes easily with coffee grounds.
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Are you enjoying a coffee every morning? Or even afternoon? Then you probably have lots of leftover coffee grounds! These are actually a gold of mine! They are so many things you can do with it, you can touch up scratches on your furniture, nourish your plants and so much more! 

Economical and ecological, coffee grounds are your daily ally.

Here's how to get rid of mosquitoes easily with coffee grounds.


  • Coffee grounds
  • Aluminum foil
  • an airtight glass bowl
  • a heat source: matches or lighter


  1. Start by collecting the grounds of your morning coffee. Spread it out on a flat surface to make it dry faster.
  2. Once completely dry, transfer to an airtight glass jar (so it keeps that little coffee smell). 
  3. When you are ready to enjoy the outdoors, take some coffee grounds out and place a small amount on a small piece of aluminum foil all over your yard to protect you from the unwanted mosquitoes.
  4. With a heat source, such as a lighter or matches, light the coffee grounds. Smoke will emerge from it and it will repel mosquitoes all around you, leaving you free of these unwanted insects.

Note: It is also a repellent against snails, slugs and ants that can harm your vegetable patch or garden!

An effective and very (almost free) solution!

Have a nice summer!

Source: c-fait-maison · Photo Credit: c-fait-maison

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