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You can stay in a bed and breakfast and cuddle with cows!

You can stay in a bed and breakfast and cuddle with cows!
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If you are looking for a great plate for a little getaway in upstate New York, you have to take a look at Mountain Horse Farm bed and breakfast.  This luxurious BnB and glamping site allows his visitors to cuddle with cows for only $75 per hour! The farm currently has two cows; Bonnie and Bella. 

There is actually very therapeutic and joyful effects of spending time with animals and that includes farm animals too. Suzanne Vullers, the owner of the farm, got the idea of adding cows after a trip to the Netherland - she was already offering interactions between horses and guests.

"After a visit to our home country, the Netherlands, we learned about cow cuddling," Vullers said. "We felt it would be an amazing addition to the wellness work we were already doing." 

The cows are very receptive to the cuddling and often just sit and enjoy! But they are free to roam or play during the interactions with the guests.Vullers said: "When you spend time with them, you enter their space, and  connecting with them is as much their choice as it is yours. When that connection happens it's magical because it comes from a mutual desire. Giving them that freedom and choice makes all the difference." The visitors are really enjoying the interactions with cows and are very surprised by how smart they really are. If you call them by their names, they will come to you!

The sessions are only offered to visitors that are 12 years or older and each session is private with a maximum of four people at a time. 

The farm also has miniatures horses - how cute!

What do you think of this idea? Would you like to cuddle with farm animals?

Source: insider · Photo Credit: Instagram

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