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You don't have enough space in your bed? Here is the bed you need!

You don't have enough space in your bed? Here is the bed you need!
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You have a king-size bed in your bedroom and you do not have enough room to sleep because your partner takes up too much space ?

Your problem is not your partner who takes too much space, but rather the children who slip into your bed during the night and who finally take the place ?

At home, it is not children who take up space in your bed, but rather your four-legged companions ? They are so cute, and we love our pets !

No matter the reason you don't have enough space in bed, we have a simple solution for you, and all your family will be very happy.

This is the Country Living website that lists THE perfect solution for you.


Indeed, the website presents us this "family size" mattress, measuring 12-foot-wide and which is part of the Ace collection. To put that into perspective, it is almost twice as big as a king size mattress.

You think that you do not need such a bed . . . but if you think about it a little, it could be the solution to your sleep problems.

If your partner moves constantly during sleep, it ruins the quality of your sleep. This bed will most likely solve your problem.

This mega-mattress allows you to sleep away from your partner while keeping plenty of space between you two and you are no longer disturbed by his / her movements.

But this bed is not only for old couples. If you have several pets and want to sleep with them, there will be enough room for everyone !

This bed will also delight children who want to join their parents during the night after having a nightmare . . .

However, you will have to pay a small fortune if you want to get this huge and great bed ! The mattress costs $ 2,750. You will also need a gigantic box spring, metal frame, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and four king-size pillow cases to rest easy, which come with the bed for a lofty sum of $ 4,054.

Source: Country Living · Photo Credit: Country Living

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