Tips and Tricks : You take good care of your hands, yes? Then why not pamper your feet as well?
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You take good care of your hands, yes? Then why not pamper your feet as well?

Our feet are so much more important than we think!

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We treat our hands with gentle softness, but what about our feet? We often take them far too much for granted! 

There are some situations that arise when it is very important to pay special attention to our feet that are constantly supporting us, day in, day out. Injuries, posture problems, diabetes, flat feet, various calluses, etc., are so many physical problems that can be remedied by wearing special gear made just for the feet. 

Here’s an overview that will allow you to get a better idea!

How much do you know when it comes to feet? 

Our feet support our entire body, allow us to walk, run and dance. Did you know that the adult foot is composed of 28 bones, 21 joints, 107 ligaments and 30 muscles? If you were under the impression that your feet are just a simple, ordinary part of the human body, think again!

We abuse them, we wear shoes that are too narrow, we bang them around endlessly… However, with all the hard work they accomplish throughout just one day, we should take much better care of them. 

Certain situations do, in fact, require even more specialized care. Here is just a brief overview. 

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Flat feet

The absence of an arch on the bottom of the foot is a phenomenon referred to as flat foot. Over time, this phenomenon can lead to injuries or pain that radiates out to other areas in the body. Experts recommend wearing customized shoes or to simply place a strong, supporting insert inside your shoes.


It is a well-known fact that diabetic patients must pay very special attention to their feet. They are more at risk of suffering from lesions on their feet that can lead all the way to the amputation of the foot. In fact, those living with diabetes are often less prone to feelings of cold or hot and even pain in the plantar zone. In order to avoid complications, physicians could suggest that their diabetic patients wear special socks or orthopedic shoes that will act as a barrier against potentially dangerous incidents.

Posture and pains

Several problems linked to bad posture can be alleviated, perhaps even resolved, with the use of proper orthopedic shoes. You believe your back is the problem? It just might be your feet that are the problem instead! The orthopedic shoes will correct the posture of the foot which leads to better overall posture. 

These shoes can even be used as a preventative measure and help prevent several frustrating problems that could have repercussions on the entire body.

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Hospitalizations and recovery periods 

These periods when the body needs to rest, and recover, can lead to patients needing to wear orthopedic or post-surgical slippers that have several beneficial functions for those who wear them. In fact, this type of slippers can also be beneficial and appropriate for the elderly or those who are being hospitalized, who are looking for comfort while also being well supported to avoid injuries and falls. 

Our feet are so important!

There are many other conditions requiring special products: large/swollen or sensitive feet, bunions, hammer toes, accidental injuries, etc.  

Thus, even though we have a tendency of taking them for granted, our feet are a fundamental part of our bodies! Your physician or podiatrist has discussed the significance of wearing proper products given your situation with you? Trust the experts of MedEquip who can guide you in choosing the gear that will allow you to take the very best care of your feet!

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